How to effectively use Python’s built in sorting algorithm

Sorting with Keys and Lambda Function in Python

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As a high school Computer Science teacher, I found that sorting lists using keys was often challenging for students. Sorting is a routine coding task essential for almost any Python project, so mastering its use is essential to your programming future.

This article will walk you through the most common…

Learn list comprehensions with examples

The Pythonic Way to Create Lists

the rough syntax

This article is intended to introduce novice Pythonistas to the art of List Comprehension. It is a vital building block for advanced coding in Python, and should be embraced soon after you become comfortable creating loops and lists in Python.

I have spent 7 years teaching Python to high school…

Pick a simple baseline accuracy to demonstrate that your classification model has skill on a problem

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When you evaluate a new machine learning model and end up with an accuracy number or other metric, you need to know if it is meaningful. Particularly in imbalanced classification models, it can appear that your model isn’t really doing much better than guessing. …

An example NLP classification model using a Recurrent Neural Network with the Keras Python library

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This will be a minimal working example of Natural Language Processing (NLP) using deep learning with a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) in Python. For this project, you should have a solid grasp of Python and a working knowledge of Neural Networks (NN) with Keras.

The goal here to build a…

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